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Branché (Teaser)

Through unique, female-driven circus and movement art, BRANCHÉ traverses time and lush natural landscapes of Quebec in a poetic exploration of our potential to work in harmony with nature in the face of the rising conflicts and chaos of the climate crisis. As diminishing resources and livable land drive an existential collapse, the daring three-high formations and breathtaking falls remind us that a oneness of nature and humanity is undoubtedly worth preserving. 

Co-directed and Produced by Eric Bates & Janique Robillard

Director of Photography: Kes Tagney​

Official Selection: Portland Dance Film Fest, SF Dance Film Festival,

Dance Camera West, CineDansFest, Dance on Camera Festival,

Belfast Film Festival, Circus International Film Fest, Short Waves Festival

Winner: Audience Choice Award & Best Long Form Documentary- Circus International Film Fest

Best Long- Portland Dance Film Fest

Bounce Juggling

Promotional reel for JP Deltelle, bounce juggler. 

Filmed, Directed & Edited by Eric Bates

B Camera: Kejd Kuqo

The Sound of Silence

Innovative musical Rue Cyr number, sensitive and poetic where the artist and his wheel become at once the instrument, composer and musician.

Thanks to the use of new technologies, the movements of the wheel are transcribed in sound, placing the artist and his discipline at the heart of the musical creation.

A work by Naël JAMMAL in collaboration with Navid Navab, performed by Bobby Cookson.

Creation Team:
- Naël JAMMAL : Idée Originale/Direction Artistique
- Navid Navab : Gestural AI Music/Composition/Design interactif sonore/Design Technique/Programmation, Electroniques
- Antoine Bédard : Composition Original (Piano)/Co-concepteur Sonore
- Bobby Cookson : Assistant Direction Artistique/Chorégraphie/Interprétation
- Pascal Brullemans: Regard Exterieur/Dramaturgie
- Eric Bates : Cinématographie/Montage

With the support of Conseil des Arts du Canada, le Conseil des Arts de Montréal et La Tohu.

The Chita Project

Promotional Video for The-Thing In Itself by The Chita Project.

Filmed & Edited by Eric Bates

Hoop Diving

Promotional reel for Chanel Monange, Hoop Diver.

Filmed, Directed & Edited by Eric Bates

Aerial Straps

Promotional Video for Yan Szuecs 

Filmed & Edited by Eric Bates

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